Our Roadmap

Our work makes the vision of individualized health care a reality. By providing access to health-related data from smartphones, wearables & connected medical products, Thryve can improve adherence, effect and outcome measurability. To this end, we continuously expand our connections to sensors and health data providers - ensuring that Thryve offers the best health insights, any time.

We are looking for exceptional minds to drive healthcare’s change into a digital future

No job openings are available at this moment.

About Us

mHealth Pioneers powers the individualization of health care. Our software enables health services to access sensible health data from smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers and the like through a single API. By enabling health services to understand and use automatically generated data, we believe that we can fundamentally improve all aspects of health care - from prevention and screening to intervention and therapy.

Since founding our company 2016 in Berlin, we have added corporates, fellow startups, care organizations and research institutions to our customers and grown a dedicated team of software and AI engineers.

Our current focus is expanding our universe of integrated devices and continue discovering and validating new health indicators.